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TERADATA: TERADATA’S POINT OF VIEW ON THE INTERNET OF THINGS Wednesday, May 10 3:50 - 4:05 pm World Chat Theater 2 The Industrial Internet of Things will fundamentally transform business. To make use of the massive volumes and variety of sensor data derived from the IIoT, the Analytics of Things (AoT) must be applied. In this session, Teradata will provide its recommendations on how to modernize for Industry 4.0. 20 Minutes World Chat
REDAPT: ACCELERATE YOUR CLOUD AND CONTAINERS JOURNEY IMMEDIATELY WITH REDAPT LABS. Monday, May 8 8:40 - 8:55 pm World Chat Theater 2 Redapt Labs is a hybrid cloud environment with dedicated Dell EMC Infrastructure and cloud exchange connectivity to enable customers to try the latest software and services offerings for Private IaaS, Public Cloud, and Containers. Install, configure and run your apps using Rancher Labs, Tectonic by CoreOS, Qstack, Kubernetes, Docker, Vmware, Joyent, and Mesosphere DC/OS. 20 Minutes World Chat
NVIDIA: ADVANCED GPU COMPUTING SOLUTIONS Wednesday, May 10 12:05 - 12:20 pm World Chat Theater 1 The GPU has proven to be unbelievably effective at solving some of the most complex problems in computer science. It started out as an engine for simulating human imagination, conjuring up the amazing virtual worlds of video games and Hollywood films. Today, NVIDIA’s GPU simulates human intelligence, running deep learning algorithms and acting as the brain of computers, robots, and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world. 20 Minutes World Chat
DORADO SOFTWARE: CONVERGED NETWORK MANAGEMENT Tuesday, May 9 4:40 - 4:55 pm World Chat Theater 1 Dell OpenManage Network Manager (OMNM) not only centralizes network and IT domain management for the full Dell EMC Networking Portfolio, it also automates management of thousands of disparate virtual/physical infrastructures from 3rd party vendors. OMNM makes it easy to automate labor-intensive tasks while monitoring, managing, configuring, and compliance auditing of Hyper-converged infrastructures (virtual/physical multi-vendor switches, virtual/physical servers, storage devices routers, storage SDN/open networking) -- all from a single web-based console. 20 Minutes World Chat
AVERE SYSTEMS: EXPERIENCE HIGH-SCALABILITY, HIGH-PERFORMANCE OBJECT STORAGE WITH AVERE SYSTEMS AND DELL EMC ELASTIC CLOUD STORAGE (ECS) Wednesday, May 10 3:00 - 3:15 pm World Chat Theater 2 Dell EMC ECS customers can experience cost, scalability, and global resiliency benefits for file-based workloads without the need to rewrite applications. Avere FXT Edge filers provide high-performance file serving with standard NAS protocols delivered to clients and applications with bidirectional translation to object APIs for ECS. Offered as both a hardware and a cloud-based solution in Amazon and Google compute clouds. 20 Minutes World Chat
EXTRAHOP NETWORKS, INC.: SHOW YOUR DATA WHO’S ADDY WITH MACHINE LEARNING Monday, May 8 6:10 - 6:25 pm World Chat Theater 2 The majority of organizations can’t afford dedicated data science teams. Addy is a cloud-based anomaly detection service from ExtraHop that brings machine learning to the masses. In this session, you will learn how to affordably apply the power of cloud-based machine learning to your environment, including Dell EMC infrastructure. 20 Minutes World Chat
ARROW ELECTRONICS: HOW HAPPY IS DELL EMC WORLD A DEMONSTRATION OF INTELLIGENCE AND INSIGHT UNCOVERED BY DATA ANALYTICS Tuesday, May 9 4:15 - 4:30 pm World Chat Theater 2 Wednesday, May 10 12:30 - 12:45 pm World Chat Theater 2 Arrow is a leader in bringing outcomes to bear from an end to end perspective. “How Happy is Dell EMC World” is our effort to develop a platform that showcases our ability to understand and manipulate IoT sensor data into big data outcomes in real time that help us to understand the well-being of DEW using the participants digital exhausts. 20 Minutes World Chat
SILVER PEAK: EMBRACE THE CLOUD WITH THE HIGH-PERFORMANCE DELL EMC – SILVER PEAK SD-WAN SOLUTION Tuesday, May 9 4:40 - 4:55 pm World Chat Theater 2 As applications continue to move to the cloud, enterprises require high-performance, application-driven WAN solutions. The Dell EMC – Silver Peak EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution provides secure reliable virtual overlays to connect users to applications. The solution delivers application SLAs across any combination of transport services without compromising network or application performance providing greater business agility and lower WAN costs. 20 Minutes World Chat
CLOUDERA: DATA DRIVES CONNECTED CARS: REAL-TIME INSIGHTS WITH CLOUDERA & DELL EMC Monday, May 8 7:50 - 8:05 pm World Chat Theater 1 Unlock the value of streaming data.  Teaming Cloudera with Dell EMC PowerEdge and Isilon infrastructures delivers a platform to power Connected Cars by enabling customers gather, store and analyze sensor data. Learn about the real-world application of Internet of Things from predictive maintenance to safety with Connected Cars. 20 Minutes World Chat
Global Partner Summit: APJ Partner Breakout Tian Beng Ng and other APJ executives will provide an overview of the current business landscape and priorities. You'll learn specific insights and ways to maximize your profitability and be positioned for success with Dell EMC.  The session will be a mix of sales engagement discussions, ways to help your customers on their digital transformation, and program insights.  2.5 Hours Lecture
Global Partner Summit: Global Alliances, Service Providers & Industries Partner Breakout Hear Jay Snyder and Dell EMC executives discuss the global market opportunity for incremental, relevant and differentiated solutions with Dell EMC. Gain an understanding of how Global Alliances Partners are collaborating to drive digital and IT transformation. The session will end with an awards presentation, reflecting the achievements of Dell EMC's Global Alliance Partners in 2016. 2.5 Hours Lecture
Guru Session: VR & AR: The Next Billion-User Platform VR's first adopters are gamers, but they're just the tip of the iceberg.  In this talk, Epic Games founder and Unreal Engine creator Tim Sweeney will show how the rapid improvements in displays, sensors, graphics, and digital human technology will enable VR and AR to revolutionize computing and human social interaction, at work and at home, as the next billion-user platform.  Join Tim and Dell’s Frank Azor, GM of Dell Gaming and XPS and co-founder of Alienware, to discuss and answer your questions. 1 Hour Guru Session
Native Hybrid Cloud (Hands-on Lab) As Enterprise customers are moving to a digital world they are looking for a platform like Native Hybrid Cloud which enables them to deploy ideas into offerings quickly. The lab walks through a developer and operator experience in managing cloud native applications and the platform in an efficient way enabling a Dev-Ops model. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
VMAX All Flash (Hands-on Lab) A real-world experience with an enterprise-class solution by showcasing key features of VMAX All Flash!  Throughout the lab, participants will use Unisphere, the simple VMAX management GUI, to get stick time with features ranging from provisioning, to data protection, to performance.  Lab takers can also investigate compression on both a system and storage group level, and explore Non-Disruptive Migration (NDM). 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Data Domain Cloud DR (Hands-on Lab) Dell EMC delivers Cloud DR Services for orchestrated disaster recovery of backed-up data that was replicated to the cloud. In case of a disaster on your premises, you can rest assured that your critical business data and applications can be recovered to meet your business RPO/RTO requirements. The recovered virtual machines run in a replica environment within your AWS account. This lab presents an overview of Data Domain Cloud DR user interface and functionality. The lab demonstrates how Avamar and DataDomain customers can protect virtual machines from a local site to AWS, and recover to AWS in a disaster event. This lab is also available in Guided class format.  Preregistration required in Hands on Lab Zone. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
PowerEdge FX2 (Hands-on Lab) The PowerEdge FX2 is a 2U hybrid rack-based computing platform that combines the density and efficiency of blades with the simplicity and cost benefits of rack-based systems. With an innovative modular design that accommodates IT resource building blocks of various sizes — compute, storage, networking and management — the FX2 enables data centers to construct their infrastructures with greater flexibility.  This hands on lab will introduce you to the main features of the FX2 Chassis Management Controller (CMC), including Initial configuration, Power Management, Network Configuration, Server Profiles, Storage Mapping 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Explore Dell EMC XC Series Hyper-Converged Appliance (Hands-on Lab) Dell EMC XC Series hyper-converged appliances support hypervisor choice and provide rapid deployment, scale–out and enterprise class data management capabilities. In this lab, you will see how to provision VMs and storage, manage the configuration, and monitor cluster health and performance using Prism, a highly intuitive management interface. You will also explore One-click cluster expansion and Data replication features. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Use REX-Ray & ScaleIO With Docker, Mesos & Kubernetes (Hands-on Lab) Containers are rapidly being adopted by companies large and small. Yet, how do you know which container platform is right for you? Use REX-Ray, an open source storage orchestration engine from {code} by Dell EMC, along with ScaleIO and learn how to run stateful and persistent applications on the most popular cloud native platforms: Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Top 10 Tips & Tricks To Rock Your XtremIO World Learn the top 10 things to get the most out of your XtremIO system. Our panel of technical experts will share best practices of configuration, operation and management, and will  provide insights into your specific questions during a live ‘Ask-The-Expert’ session. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Best Practices In Leveraging iDRAC For Management In every PowerEdge server, there lives an intelligent and vigilant manager, waiting to help you.  Join this session to chat with Server professionals from around the world about how to get the most out of the embedded capabilities in every PowerEdge server. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Dell IT People & Organizational Transformation: Creating A Culture Of Engagement To Improve Business-IT Alignment An engaged and motivated workforce is a priority for any IT organization, but is especially critical during times of great change.  Dell IT has created a successful people development strategy that is delivering proven results as the organization evolves to meet the needs of its internal customers.  Join our IT leaders to learn how the "People" piece is an essential element of successful operating model transformation. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Hybrid Cloud Adoption & Best Practices Are you currently using or evaluating cloud for your traditional enterprise workloads? What challenges do you face? What lessons learned you could share? Join this BOF session for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud with other like-minded people and with the Dell EMC hybrid cloud experts. Learn about hybrid cloud adoption best practices, and bring your own insights to share too.  1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
General Session: Realize Transformation Our world and our work are becoming more immersive, more collaborative, more mobile and more competitive. Jeff Clarke, Vice-Chairman of Operations and President of Client Solutions at Dell, will discuss how our customers and partners are designing, building and running their businesses on Dell and preparing for the future of work with smart workspaces, IoT and Virtual/Augmented Reality. VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger will share a perspective on the next wave of innovation in mobile-cloud technology, from the data center to the public cloud to digital workspaces that empower mobile employees. 90 Minutes General Session
Virtual Instruments: Industry Best-Practices: Realizing The Full Value Of VMAX & XtremIO Infrastructure Deployments Managing today’s complex IT infrastructures requires analytics-driven actionable insights for teams to make confident deployment decisions. Learn why industry leaders throughout Healthcare, Finance, Retail, SaaS and more are leveraging application-centric infrastructure performance management to help them control costs and maximize performance for their all flash arrays and software-defined storage infrastructures. 1 Hour Lecture
Overview Of New iDRAC9 Features (Hands-on Lab) Introduction to the new iDRAC9 and the OpenManage features PowerEdge Servers. Attendees will learn all the upcoming features that improve automation and enhance security. Also, this session will showcase the new management features available in the GUI, along with other key items such as Redfish, SupportAssist, and OpenManage Mobile. This lab is offered in Guided class format. Preregistration required in Hands on Lab Zone. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Security @ Scale: Making Security Analytics Work For The Internet Of Things & Smart Cities  With the explosion of smart devices, significant security concerns arise. Concepts like visibility and identity continue to be mainstays. But scaling these concepts out to the Internet of Things requires thought. This session will describe key steps required to glean meaningful insights from the impending deluge of IoT data and extract the most relevant signal from an ocean of noise. 1 Hour Lecture Peter Tran<br/>
Dell EMC Unity: Configuring Snapshots & Replication (Hands-on Lab) Explore the built-in snapshots and replication technologies within the Dell EMC Unity storage system. This lab covers the Unified Snapshots feature to create File and Block Snapshots.&nbsp; Users can configure snapshots schedules and restore data from existing snapshots taken. You can also configure File and Block asynchronous replication sessions and test failover and failback. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Blazing Cloud Backup: NetWorker Enterprise Backup To & Within The Cloud (Hands-on Lab) In this lab, walkthrough how EMC NetWorker incorporates CloudBoost support for long term retention to cloud and how DP Search can bring intelligent search to data recovery. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Cloud Is Enabling Business Transformation: Is Your Enterprise at Risk? Join us as we discuss evolving cloud technologies and approaches, and the security gaps it can create. Discover the key cloud security trends and insights to understand why no organization using the cloud is too small or too remote to be targeted by threat actors. Data protection ultimately rests with you and your organization and not the cloud provider. 1 Hour Lecture Cameron Smith<br/>
XtremIO: Virtualization Best Practices With XtremIO XtremIO provides extreme performance and efficiency for virtualized environments and pioneered integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM). Join us as we detail what the new capabilities of next generation XtremIO will mean for virtualized enterprise solutions hosted on this platform. Various deployment models will be examined and best practices for both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments will be discussed. In addition, integration options for enhanced monitoring, orchestration & automation when using management platforms such as VMware vRealize and Microsoft System Center with XtremIO will be highlighted. This is a complete overview for those looking to better understand what XtremIO can do for their business, or alternatively for those interested in learning how customers are leveraging XtremIO today to efficiently run their virtualized workloads with stringent SLAs. 1 Hour Lecture Itzik Reich<br/>
Facilitating IoT Interoperability By Extending Cloud Native Principles To The Edge Success in IoT hinges on partnerships for the necessary technology and skills to deploy robust solutions across myriad verticals, use cases and regions. The ability to rapidly integrate best-in-class ingredients is especially needed at the gateway level where myriad southbound devices meet northbound applications. Dell is leading an industry-wide collaboration to extend cloud-native principles to IoT edge gateways to facilitate interoperability between heterogeneous solution ingredients. In this session learn the benefits of joining the open source project community to integrate sensors and applications for your IoT solutions, including scaling through plug-and-play capability with 3rd party tools. 1 Hour Lecture Atif Saeed<br/>
Continuously Integrated Infrastructure With Concourse Most enterprises understand the value of continuous integration and are adopting it as a practice. But many of them also build their infrastructure by hand, which contravenes the spirit of repeatable builds enshrined by CI. Is there a way to have your infrastructure automated by continuous integration? Is it worth doing so? And what are the benefits and tradeoffs? This session looks at Concourse, a new, open-source, pipeline-centric continuous integration tool that might help answer these questions. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration John Feminella<br/>
An Operating Model For Cloud Native Microservices Moving to Cloud Native Microservices with traditional IT operating models threatens an explosion in complexity, staff, and reduction in reliability. This talk explores a new DevOps-principled and cloud-first IT operating model: roles, responsibilities, processes, incentives, and technology. This model is being used and evolved at some of the world's largest financial institutions, driving down IT time and costs dramatically, with the Pivotal Cloud Foundry ecosystem as the catalyst. 1 Hour Lecture Adib Saikali<br/>
VMAX Performance: What's New With VMAX All Flash & How To Get The Most Out Of It Learn how the latest performance enhancements and new features (such as compression, large capacity flash drives and much more) can affect VMAX deployment choices. This session explores the performance aspects of these enhancements and simple &quot;rules of thumb&quot; to get the most out of your VMAX All Flash array. 1 Hour Lecture John Adams<br/>
Mainframe: Envisioning Your Future - Keys To Mainframe Storage Success Join product experts for a discussion on the mainframe storage market and where it is heading. This session shares our perspective on trends and how our products will meet these demands. 1 Hour Lecture Brett Quinn<br/>
VMAX Performance: Inside VMAX All Flash Inline Compression - Maximizing Storage Efficiency Not all compression is created equal - learn how VMAX All Flash inline compression is designed to minimize storage footprint while maximizing performance. This session takes a dive deep into the performance and architecture of the VMAX compression - including the Adaptive Compression Engine (ACE), Activity-Based Compression, and more. This session also discusses how to enable compression for existing workloads on your VMAX All Flash system along with benchmark considerations. 1 Hour Lecture Rob Lucey<br/>
Isilon Scale-Out NAS: How We Improved The #1 Scale-Out NAS Solution In The Market Dell EMC Isilon, the #1 Scale-Out NAS platform, continues to transform the way organizations are deploying, protecting and managing their fast growing unstructured data. This session by David Noy, VP, Isilon Product Management, will introduce attendees to Isilon All-Flash as well as other major enhancements to the Isilon platform. Attend this session to learn how Isilon’s latest enhancements can transform your business. 1 Hour Lecture David Noy<br/>
A Closer Look At Microsoft Azure Stack This session demonstrates some of the Microsoft Azure services coming to Microsoft Azure Stack.&nbsp; Additionally, we will deep dive into the compute, storage, and networking architecture of Azure Stack and learn how to integrate the system into your data center.&nbsp; Non-functional requirements will also be examined including Availability, Recoverability, Monitoring, Maintainability, and Security. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration Mike Lamia<br/>
Understanding The Business Impact Of Hybrid Cloud: A Dell EMC Customer Story Listen to a first hand expereince from a customer who has made the move to a hybrid cloud model. &nbsp;Benefit from their experience with regard to the considerations made and the overall journey to achieve their &nbsp;business objectives. &nbsp; Understand what they defined as success and where they're going next. 1 Hour Lecture Bill Reid<br/>Alon Kor<br/>Shlomo Bistry<br/>
Pivotal Analytics Anywhere Analytics of both new and legacy systems, combined with sensitive data for security, compliance, and privacy, requires a mix of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions.&nbsp;There's only one proven enterprise analytics platform that can run infrastructure agnostic, on-premises and off-premises, that seamlessly works with data in Hadoop, AWS S3, SAN, RDBMS and more in a proven industry standard language: Pivotal Greenplum. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration Jacque Istok<br/>
Learn How To Put Security At The Very Core Of Your Organization With Secure Infrastructure Remember the Maginot Line? It’s an important lesson for today’s cybersecurity battleground because just as in 1940, a strong perimeter creates a false sense of security. Discover how we embed security into our infrastructure products, infusing your organization with protection that runs through the very core of your data center, mitigating risk through continuous, automated policy-based security processes.&nbsp; 1 Hour Lecture Eric Baize<br/>David Konetski<br/>David Edborg<br/>Wade Holmes<br/>
Tackling The Top End User Computing Trends With Desktop Virtualization: What Every Decision Maker Needs To Know Decision makers who are charged with their organization's end user computing strategy need to tackle 3 big initiatives: enabling mobility, enhancing security, and transitioning to Windows 10. In this session, we'll take a look at how organizations can tackle these multi-faceted initiatives simultaneously by moving to a centralized desktop and application delivery model with desktop virtualization, to kill 3 birds with one stone. Learn how joint solutions from Dell and VMware can deliver Windows anywhere, on any device, as a cornerstone of the digital workspace for key use cases. 1 Hour Lecture Shankar Iyer<br/>Jeff McNaught<br/>
Escaping The Cube: How To Enable The Workforce Of The Future While employees previously had to work within the confines of a traditional work environment, companies are increasingly adapting to their workers’ needs and increased mobility. &nbsp;Work is an activity, not a location. &nbsp;Come to this discussion about how organizations have implemented changes within their organization to help support the worforce of the future. 1 Hour Lecture Allison Dew<br/>Cheryl Prahl<br/>
The Future of Cloud Consumption Economics Cloud economics is not just about new consumption models for on-premises infrastructure and off-premises pay-as-you-go cloud stacks. Cloud economics is about diffusing the definitional bounds of virtual machines and managed services consumed in the transition to cloud. Attend this session to learn about innovative approaches to providing services in a true operating expense model to enterprises moving to cloud. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration Christopher Gaudlip<br/>
Best Practices For IoT Security IT security is typically about protecting digital assets. But with the rise of IoT and connections being established between IT environments and operation environments (OT), for example automated assembly lines, security needs to prevent both digital and physical damage. Remember Stuxnet? How do you ensure that as you bring physical assets online via IoT that you are doing all you can to ensure that your physical assets will be safe from cyberattacks? In this session, we will explore this question in depth and share our recommended strategies. 1 Hour Lecture Rohan Kotian<br/>
Digital Transformation: Bringing Data Insights & Decision Makers Together Marc Andreessen famously said “software is eating the world”.&nbsp; Data analytics and modern intelligent applications are turning many industries on their heads. Learn how companies with advanced analytics outperform rivals by transforming insights from data analytics into next generation applications and business processes. Join us to learn how you can transform your business to stay competitive in this data-driven world. 1 Hour Lecture Carey James<br/>Ted Bardasz<br/>
Open Networking Fundamentals Open Networking is rapidly changing the Networking industry providing customers with greater choice and capability with both hardware and software in the Data Center. This session provides an overview of the dominant trends in Open Networking hardware, sofware as well as initiatives in open source communities. 1 Hour Lecture Adnan Bhutta<br/>
Unleash Your Creative Workforce With The Latest High Performance Devices Equipping specialized users within your organization unleashes their productivity. As software technology continues to advance, so does the need for experts to have the proper tools to get the job done. In this session, you’ll hear about Dell Precision workstation, Dell Canvas, VR enabled solutions and high resolution displays for the most extreme performance. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration Rahul Tikoo<br/>
Vscale: Real-World Deployments of Next-Gen Data Center Architecture Dell EMC Vscale architecture is an innovative approach to scaling out data centers and sharing resources across converged, hyper-converged, and non-converged infrastructure, to maximize utilization, agility and ROI.&nbsp; Learn about real-world Vscale deployments of mid- and large-size enterprises across a range of industries. See architectural maps, multi-vendor components, software-defined networking and centralized automation that deliver complete IT transformation. 1 Hour Lecture Neeloy Bhattacharyya<br/>
VxRack SDDC: VIP Access Deep Dive Take a look behind the curtain as experts from Dell EMC and VMware dive deep into the latest turnkey solution for a complete software defined data center. See details on how the integrated networking, both physical and virtual, along with full lifecycle management of hardware and software are the foundation for a complete SDDC infrastructure. Now VMware vSphere, vSAN, and NSX have been combined with the best from Dell EMC into a single agile system. 1 Hour Lecture Georg Edelman<br/>Jason Marques<br/>
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