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Adventures In Pair Programming At the Dell EMC Dojo (@DellEMCDojo) we adopted pair programming (XP) and it drastically changed the way we deliver software day in and day out. Pairing has many benefits; it enables context sharing, and enables constant developer rotation that means everyone has context of the code. As a result, developers can move more quickly and deliver business value- a key differentiator in this new world. In this talk we will share our experiences adopting pair programming, the highs and lows and the leassons learned so hopefully others can implement XP in his/her organization and do so by further advancing sharing knowledge. 1 Hour Lecture
Security @ Scale: Making Security Analytics Work For The Internet Of Things & Smart Cities  With the explosion of smart devices, significant security concerns arise. Concepts like visibility and identity continue to be mainstays. But scaling these concepts out to the Internet of Things requires thought. This session will describe key steps required to glean meaningful insights from the impending deluge of IoT data and extract the most relevant signal from an ocean of noise. 1 Hour Lecture
Data Protection Made Simple: Bringing Clarity Data Protection Experience In the Modern Data Center, Data Protection Professionals require the ability to manage the entire “Protection Stack” at cloud scale. This means: automation, orchestration, and simplified UIs. Come learn how Dell EMC's recent developments will enable you to efficiently monitor and manage your data protection stack from a single pane of glass, simplifying the entire data protection experience.   1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerEdge Server Systems Management Overview An introduction to Dell EMC PowerEdge OpenManage Suite. Learn how we simplify server lifecycle management. Deploy, virtualize, manage, maintain and automate with simplified tools. Also learn new with the next generation of server management tools. 1 Hour Lecture
Risk? Protection? Efficiency? Leveraging Metrics, Reporting & Analytics To Easily Answer Those Questions For You In a self-service world, am I really protected? How much of my data is at risk? What backup jobs failed?  Moreso, what is the protection status of my assets and the operational efficiency in protecting them?  Come see how Data Protection Advisor and our new cloud-based analytics service can easily answer those questions.  1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
What You Need to Know on Database Licensing for Converged & Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Many IT organizations are interested in how moving their Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases to converged and hyper-converged systems will affect their database licensing costs. This session evaluates each layer of these converged and hyper-converged systems per the database vendor contract, giving attendees the knowledge to apply licensing guidelines for CI and HCI platforms like the Vblock, VxBlock, VxRack and VxRail. 1 Hour Lecture
Vscale: Real-World Deployments of Next-Gen Data Center Architecture Dell EMC Vscale architecture is an innovative approach to scaling out data centers and sharing resources across converged, hyper-converged, and non-converged infrastructure, to maximize utilization, agility and ROI.  Learn about real-world Vscale deployments of mid- and large-size enterprises across a range of industries. See architectural maps, multi-vendor components, software-defined networking and centralized automation that deliver complete IT transformation. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Cloud Data Protection: Disaster Recovery As A Service Dell EMC Data Protection solutions are now integrated with public clouds, enabling streamlined use of public clouds as a disaster recovery target. This session presents how to recover your on-premises applications in a public cloud environment.  A demonstration of in-cloud recovery will be shown along with an interactive discussion of key capabilities and uses cases for this new technology. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
RecoverPoint & RecoverPoint For Virtual Machines: What's New For 2017 So much has happened in the past year with RecoverPoint and RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines. See how fast deployment can be done and how seamless operations are. Understand how to achieve the most efficient data protection for your VMware environment. A customer will speak to their experiences. 1 Hour Lecture
From Zero To Cloud: How A Turnkey Hybrid Cloud Platform Reduces Costs, Complexity & Risk Demands for IT efficiency and agility are impacting enterprises of all sizes and hybrid clouds are proving to be great enablers of IT Transformation. Join this session to learn how Dell EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud offers one of the fastest paths to a hybrid cloud with flexible workload placement, automation, and self-service as well as what's new with the platform. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
VxRack SDDC: VIP Access Deep Dive Take a look behind the curtain as experts from Dell EMC and VMware dive deep into the latest turnkey solution for a complete software defined data center. See details on how the integrated networking, both physical and virtual, along with full lifecycle management of hardware and software are the foundation for a complete SDDC infrastructure. Now VMware vSphere, vSAN, and NSX have been combined with the best from Dell EMC into a single agile system. 1 Hour Lecture
ScaleIO: Architecting For Availability, Performance & Networking With ScaleIO ScaleIO provides massive I/O for amazing performance as well as enterprise level data availability. During this session, our ScaleIO gurus introduce ScaleIO performance, availability and networking concepts and configurations, dive into potential bottlenecks, and provide best practices and recommendations to design and build your network infrastructure for SDS and how to maximize performance & availability in a ScaleIO environment. 1 Hour Lecture
Cloud is Enabling Business Transformation: Is Your Enterprise at Risk? Join us as we discuss evolving cloud technologies and approaches, and the security gaps it can create. Discover the key cloud security trends and insights to understand why no organization using the cloud is too small or too remote to be targeted by threat actors. Data protection ultimately rests with you and your organization and not the cloud provider. 1 Hour Lecture
Connectrix: Configuring Your SAN To Support All Flash Arrays In order to fully unlock the potential of an All Flash Array (AFA), you need to properly configure and, in some cases update, your Storage Area Network. During this session we will discuss how to avoid, monitor for, and remediate some of the common issues associated with introducing an AFA to a legacy FC network. We will also talk about FC versus Ethernet, addressing slow drain and we'll provide an update on today's SAN technology. 1 Hour Lecture
XtremIO: Virtualization Best Practices With XtremIO XtremIO revolutionized virtualized mixed workload consolidation with best in class all-flash performance coupled with our pioneering integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) functionality. With XtremIO, the core tenets of XtremIO are now extended to both block and file workloads. Join us as we detail what these new capabilities will mean for virtualized enterprise solutions hosted on the XtremIO platform. Various deployment models will be examined and best practices for both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments will be discussed. In addition, integration options for enhanced monitoring, orchestration & automation when using management platforms such as VMware vRealize and Microsoft System Center with XtremIO will be highlighted. This is a complete overview for those looking to better understand what XtremIO can do for their business, or alternatively for those interested in learning how customers are leveraging XtremIO today to efficiently run their virtualized workloads with stringent SLAs. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell IT Proven: Cloud-Native Applications At Your Service Cloud-native applications are purpose built for the cloud model. Adoption of cloud-native application architectures is helping many organizations transform their IT into a force for true agility. In this session, discover how Dell IT developed, built, and implemented Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), a modern application development and operations environment – using Pivotal Cloud Foundry. We also talk about our approach to DevOps. 1 Hour Lecture
Extending Cloud Native Principles To Internet Of Things Gateways The goal of Project Fuse is to extend cloud native principles to IoT gateways to enable interoperability between heterogeneous solution ingredients. Success in IoT hinges on partnerships for the necessary technology and skills to deploy robust solutions across myriad verticals, use cases and regions. The ability to rapidly integrate best-in-class ingredients is especially needed at the gateway level where myriad southbound devices meet northbound applications. Learn why you should develop you IoT apps on top of FUSE in this session. 1 Hour Lecture
Data Analytics Using Container Persistence Through SMACK New digital business models facilitated by containers require collecting and analyzing device data. Apache Mesos removes the need to build separate stacks and combines optimized application containers and data analytics into a single platform. This session explores new approaches to data analytics using REX-Ray as a container persistence tool and the SMACK stack - Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka – a set of tools for building data and messaging layers for digital engagement apps. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Deep-Dive On Container Networking Architectures Running containers is easy, but making them talk to each other takes a new kind of networking. Additionally, how do you deal with service discovery, load balancing and overall address management? Learn about networking with containers and how they are building advanced technologies like VXLAN directly into the engine to simplify networking between them. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Continuously Integrated Infrastructure With Concourse Most enterprises understand the value of continuous integration and are adopting it as a practice. But many of them also build their infrastructure by hand, which contravenes the spirit of repeatable builds enshrined by CI. Is there a way to have your infrastructure automated by continuous integration? Is it worth doing so? And what are the benefits and tradeoffs? This session looks at Concourse, a new, open-source, pipeline-centric continuous integration tool that might help answer these questions. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
An Operating Model For Cloud Native Microservices Moving to Cloud Native Microservices with traditional IT operating models threatens an explosion in complexity, staff, and reduction in reliability. This talk explores a new DevOps-principled and cloud-first IT operating model: roles, responsibilities, processes, incentives, and technology. This model is being used and evolved at some of the world's largest financial institutions, driving down IT time and costs dramatically, with the Pivotal Cloud Foundry ecosystem as the catalyst. 1 Hour Lecture
VMAX Performance: What's New With VMAX All Flash & How To Get the Most Out of It Learn how the latest performance enhancements and new features (such as compression, large capacity flash drives and much more) can affect VMAX deployment choices. This session explores the performance aspects of these enhancements and simple "rules of thumb" to get the most out of your VMAX All Flash array. 1 Hour Lecture
Rev-Up Your Bare-Metal Capabilities With RackHD RackHD, an Open Source Software from Dell EMC will enable you to enter the New Era of DevOps for your bare-metal deployments on Day 0, Day 1 and beyond with a powerful Management and Orchestration technology. Come by to learn about how you can go from a GitHub clone to commanding your infrastructure with open Industry Standard APIs and custom workflows that will breathe life into your datacenter and enable you to enter the New World of DataCenter Automation. 1 Hour Lecture
VxRail: Level Up With New Capabilities & Powers Come join us to learn how the latest release helps you modernize your virtualized infrastructure 1 Hour Lecture
XtremIO: Next Generation XtremIO Deep Dive - Architecture, Features & Innovations XtremIO’s metadata-centric architecture is the base for delivering inline data services & consistent performance. XtremIO builds on that architecture to deliver more capacity, more flexibility, more simplicity, more performance, and more data services. This session discusses new features, capabilities and architectural innovations—like granular scaling, replication and QOS, serviceability improvements, and flexibility of using larger drives. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Mainframe: Envisioning Your Future - Keys To Mainframe Storage Success Join product experts for a discussion on the mainframe storage market and where it is heading. This session shares our perspective on trends and how our products will meet these demands. 1 Hour Lecture
VMAX Performance: Inside VMAX All Flash Inline Compression - Maximizing Storage Efficiency Not all compression is created equal - learn how VMAX All Flash inline compression is designed to minimize storage footprint while maximizing performance. This session takes a dive deep into the performance and architecture of the VMAX compression - including the Adaptive Compression Engine (ACE), Activity-Based Compression, and more. This session also discusses how to enable compression for existing workloads on your VMAX All Flash system along with benchmark considerations. 1 Hour Lecture
Next Generation Security: How We Learned to Stop Worrying & Love The Cloud Security concerns are top of mind for enterprises adopting next generation environments and cloud-native platforms. This presentation focuses on how to manage threats and vulnerabilities in Dell EMC Native Hybrid Cloud using techniques like Rotate-Repave-Repair. We’ll also discuss how other aspects of the platform create a more secure environment for your data and applications. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Isilon Scale-Out NAS: How We Improved The #1 Scale-Out NAS Solution In The Market Dell EMC Isilon, the #1 Scale-Out NAS platform, continues to transform the way organizations are deploying, protecting and managing their fast growing unstructured data. This session by Phil Bullinger, SVP and GM of Isilon, introduces attendees to Isilon All-Flash as well as other major enhancements to the Isilon platform. Attend this session to learn how Isilon’s latest enhancements can transform your business. 1 Hour Lecture
Unity: Best Practices For Best Performance Join Dell EMC Performance Engineering for insights into how to maximize the performance of your Unity system.  Learn why configuration matters, see examples of the benefits of following best practices, and get tips and tricks from the insiders that will pay big dividends in your environment. 1 Hour Lecture
A Closer Look At Microsoft Azure Stack This session demonstrates some of the Microsoft Azure services coming to Microsoft Azure Stack.  Additionally, we will deep dive into the compute, storage, and networking architecture of Azure Stack and learn how to integrate the system into your data center.  Non-functional requirements will also be examined including Availability, Recoverability, Monitoring, Maintainability, and Security. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
OEM Summit: Best Practices In Managing & Securing Your Appliance If you build Appliances for IT or Operations Technology, learn how Dell EMC can help you keep your appliance up to date and configured correctly even after it is deployed at your the customer’s site. Learn how iDRAC and Dell software provides the best experience in the industry for scripting updates or configuration changes as well as agent free hardware monitoring. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Isilon: An Insider Peek Into OneFS Enhancements This technical deep-dive session examines the latest updates to Isilon OneFS. This session also explores how OneFS enhancements support new levels of density, capacity, performance and reliability for the Isilon platform. 1 Hour Lecture
Digital Transformation: Bringing Data Insights & Decision Makers Together Marc Andreessen famously said “software is eating the world”.  Data analytics and modern intelligent applications are turning many industries on their heads. Learn how companies with advanced analytics outperform rivals by transforming insights from data analytics into next generation applications and business processes. Join us to learn how you can transform your business to stay competitive in this data-driven world. 1 Hour Lecture
Realize The Power Of Containers With ScaleIO & REX-Ray: Software For Storage & Infrastructure Organizations are using containers to revolutionize and accelerate application deployment but often struggle with persistent applications. Software-based storage like Dell EMC ScaleIO, combined with REX-Ray, gives users the freedom to support Docker, Mesos, and Kubernetes environments with enterprise-class, persistent storage. Realize why software-based storage provides the best architecture for running containers and how {code} by Dell EMC provides the integration for highly available persistent applications. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Workload Modeling For Infrastructure Design This sesssion focuses on workload modeling and how this impacts design choices for an IT infrastructure. John will cover modeling definitions and types, the consideration of workload combinations driving infrastructure design, tools, and strategies. Material based on John’s new book, his work as a VCDX and IT architect, and his current research for DELL EMC OCTO. 1 Hour Lecture
SC Series: What's New This session covers how the latest SC Series innovations give you more options than ever for efficient, resilient and affordable midrange storage. 1 Hour Lecture
Unity: Data Protection & Copy Management Options In the first half of this session this focus is on Unity Data Protection. Gain an understanding of what is built into Unity (encryption, snapshots, copy management, replication) and learn how you can add additional mission critical resilience through the use of software capabilities such as  AppSync, RecoverPoint, VPLEX, and more!! In the second half of this session we will double click on Unity iCDM and the value it brings to local recovery, dev/test, analytics and reporting. This session also goes into what Unity iCDM means and how it will enable you to lower application dev/test costs have a faster software lifecycle and get more out of you Unity All Flash.  1 Hour Lecture
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS): Painless Migration From Centera To ECS This session talks about plug and play migration from Centera to ECS. Check out the demo showcasing how simply the migration path works for Centera customers without violating compliance mandates. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Isilon: Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques With Isilon Advisor This session provides an in-depth look at troubleshooting your Isilon cluster. Learn how to use the tools available with Isilon OneFS to quickly diagnose common Isilon issues and accelerate time-to-resolution. 1 Hour Lecture
Understanding The Business Impact Of Hybrid Cloud: A Dell EMC Customer Story Listen to a first hand expereince from a customer who has made the move to a hybrid cloud model.  Benefit from their experience with regard to the considerations made and the overall journey to achieve their  business objectives.   Understand what they defined as success and where they're going next. 1 Hour Lecture
Pivotal Analytics Anywhere Analytics of both new and legacy systems, combined with sensitive data for security, compliance, and privacy, requires a mix of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions. There's only one proven enterprise analytics platform that can run infrastructure agnostic, on-premises and off-premises, that seamlessly works with data in Hadoop, AWS S3, SAN, RDBMS and more in a proven industry standard language: Pivotal Greenplum. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Best Practices For IoT Security IT security is typically about protecting digital assets. But with the rise of IoT and connections being established between IT environments and operation environments (OT), for example automated assembly lines, security needs to prevent both digital and physical damage. Remember Stuxnet? How do you ensure that as you bring physical assets online via IoT that you are doing all you can to ensure that your physical assets will be safe from cyberattacks? In this session, we will explore this question in depth and share our recommended strategies. 1 Hour Lecture
Learn How To Put Security At The Very Core Of Your Organization With Secure Infrastructure Remember the Maginot Line? It’s an important lesson for today’s cybersecurity battleground because just as in 1940, a strong perimeter creates a false sense of security. Discover how we embed security into our infrastructure products, infusing your organization with protection that runs through the very core of your data center, mitigating risk through continuous, automated policy-based security processes.  1 Hour Lecture
Escaping The Cube: How To Enable The Workforce Of The Future While employees previously had to work within the confines of a traditional work environment, companies are increasingly adapting to their workers’ needs and increased mobility.  Work is an activity, not a location.  Come to this discussion about how organizations have implemented changes within their organization to help support the worforce of the future. 1 Hour Lecture
The Future of Cloud Consumption Economics Cloud economics is not just about new consumption models for on-premises infrastructure and off-premises pay-as-you-go cloud stacks. Cloud economics is about diffusing the definitional bounds of virtual machines and managed services consumed in the transition to cloud. Attend this session to learn about innovative approaches to providing services in a true operating expense model to enterprises moving to cloud. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Open Networking Fundamentals Open Networking is rapidly changing the Networking industry providing customers with greater choice and capability with both hardware and software in the Data Center. This session provides an overview of the dominant trends in Open Networking hardware, sofware as well as initiatives in open source communities. 1 Hour Lecture
Match The Needs Of Your Mobile Workforce With A Secure And Easily Managed Digital Workspace - Desktop Virtualization Solutions Optimized For The Workforce Of The Future Decision makers who are charged with their organization's end user computing strategy need to tackle 3 big initiatives: enabling mobility, enhancing security, and transitioning to Windows 10. In this session, we'll take a look at how organizations can tackle these multi-faceted initiatives simultaneously by moving to a centralized desktop and application delivery model with desktop virtualization, to kill 3 birds with one stone. Learn how joint solutions from Dell and VMware can deliver Windows anywhere, on any device, as a cornerstone of the digital workspace for key use cases. 1 Hour Lecture
Unleash Your Creative Workforce With The Latest High Performance Devices Equipping specialized users within your organization unleashes their productivity. As software technology continues to advance, so does the need for experts to have the proper tools to get the job done. In this session, you’ll hear about Dell Precision workstation, Dell Canvas and VR enabled solutions for the most extreme performance. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Authentication Your Way: Delivering Secure & Convenient Access For All Multi-factor authentication is becoming more important as organizations work to protect the biggest threat vector, identities, to enforce strong access controls, address legislative requirements and keep data from getting in the wrong hands. As traditional network perimeters dissolve and users demand more convenient access information to applications and data, IT security teams are taking a new look at how authentication is being delivered across their environments. 1 Hour Lecture
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